The Ciccolino Series

Ciccolino Boxes

The stereo speaker with a volumen of each by between 1.7l up to 2.4l. Either powered by different amps.

It once begun with a stereo that is completely based on the Monolito series but now double. The different amps are one on a 12V Stereo 15W Class D amp from Sure Hifi with their bluetooth receiver. The other one is a USB powered Stereo 5W circuit from a no name China producer with an integrated Bluetooth receiver.

For more information check the guide a PDF-document.

The name is inspired by a friend which is an Italian food designer based in Berlin called Gnamo Labs.

The 2.4 Liter CLW edition

Ciccolino Serie 2.4l

Still only one special for a very beloved person.

Brilliance is the need - Acceptance far too less.